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Our latest news
10.10.2017 - GM Martti Löllö retired - Sari Löllö in charge

In October 2017 our beloved long-term GM Martti Löllö has retired. Sari Löllö has entered to his boots and took control of Jaakko Hannula Oy. For several years Sari has been working in co-operation with Martti Löllö and therefore we look forward in our new management. Jaakko Hannula Oy wishes enjoyable retirement days to Markku and speedy work days to Sari as he has taken the leadership in our company.

12.9.2016 - Electrical transport orders in use

Jaakko Hannula Oy has chosen Edi-Soft to transmitting messages. We've done the integration of own production control system with their co-operation and at the same time by automating the freight order routines. Each transmission is equipped with a unique consignment number in the future, as well as any package marked with bar codes. This will provide great benefits for product traceability and enhancing the orders when they are done centrally in one place.

Highslide JS1.8.2016 - New assembly line in operations

New assembly line to secure efficient prodution of our main products has been put to service. We've focused on better ergonomics with pneumatically actuated grippers in different work stations. Hoists are supplied by Finnlift Ltd and are the latest models which are used for gripping, lifting and lowering only by using compressed air.

Products are moved between different work stations by roller tracks. At the terminal end there is a cardboard box semi-automatic strapping machine which is used to lift the final product to the platform.

The Line is also connected to the end product checkpoint by weight basis. This will help ensure that everything necessary is packed. The device displays a clear color lamp / audible alarm, if something is missing or green if everything is in order.

Highslide JS3.3.2016 - Autopol endging client software in operations

This provides us with the flexibility and speed in the design and manufacture of new products. We can direct the design of the software to try out 3D bending piece in the form and make any changes directly to the computer. Therefore we can immediately test the subjects prior creating the actual physical prototype pieces. This will also increase the production capacity and eliminate waste of time, because the programs are made in other side of the office. Therefore the press brake employee can focus on prouduction and and "training" the number of objects is reduced to a minimum.
- Click here to see the video (.youtube)

Highslide JS1.3.2016 - The new press brake in production: Safa Darley E-Brake 3m / 105tonsm, servo-operated

The new press brake is equipped with the latest innovations like quick setup change,
For our new Safan we we have chosen Wilan blade system.
- Click here to see the video (.vimeo)

Highslide JS30.2.2016 - Upgraded workshop facilities

The lay-out of our workshop was designed to completely redone to meet the cost of existing products / flow better. Unused machines have been removed, warehouses connected and work ergonomics improved considerably in many different stages of working processes. In the main products we have introduced the Lean model to reduce the space requirement and enhance the throughput. The whole production has been also use Lean tools such as 5S which will also contribute to the elimination of all waste and bring cleanliness / systematic activities as a whole. The idea of changing the model and lay-out update has reached such a great benefit that we've thinked to the idea of expanse our working spaces. At the same time, our company has been updated digitalization by moving the production operation-specific data collection equipment and warehouse own, which allows the right products can be found for sure.

Highslide JS Highslide JS Highslide JS Highslide JS Highslide JS Highslide JS

31.10.2014 - Electrochemical cleaning machine for stainless steel joints

We have taken into usage the stainless steel seams electrochemical cleaning machine. This way we can handle, without any acids, f. ex. to clean the seams of stainless steel tube frames.

1.9.2014 - NCT-thread cutting tools for plate machining center

We have invested NCT-thread cutting tools for plate maching center to improve flat tapping of sheet products. Now threads can also successfully be driven to the center positions collars. The work rate is top speed because f. ex M8 threads in the collar can be around 100 pieces in a minute!

8.6.2014 - Tailor-made Workmanager production management system in usage

A new production control system has been successfully introduced. Many of the previous program as a whole has now shifted to one versatile Workmanager program. This deals with all the production sections from quote to report. The system is fully customized and tuned to the needs of our customers.

Highslide JS
13.4.2014 - Middle-sized and alterable shell system now available!

This product can be manufactured with variable sizes and heights! Our shell systems are equipped with prize lists! In picture the shell system is 120cm wide and 140 height. Oblique slotted shelf which is orderable also as a straight corner without openings. Furthermore our shell systems can be delivered with hole plates and lower levels so that the shells become a neat sales wall.

Contact us and ask a quote for your needs so that we can tailor-made your shell system.

1.3.2013 - Billing address and book keeping company has changed

Please note that we've moved into electrical billing system. Therefore our billing address has changed. Furthermore from this moment on we can accept internet bills. Also we've changed our book keeping company to Talenom.

Please send your bills as electrical mail whenever possible. However if you still use paper, please post it to address: P.O.Box 97006 - 00021 Laskutus - Finland

- Our electric billing address is 003704890944.
- Our electric billing operator is Itella Information Oy.
- Operator ID is 003710948874.

Please do not send bills to our workshop address, but please send all your marketing materials to our workshop address: Niittitie 1 - 40530 JYVÄSKYLÄ - Finland

Highslide JS
1.1.2012 - New plate workcenters into usage

Our old plate workcenter has been replaced with new Prima Power e5x Compact. This change lifts the plate work capacity complitely into new level. The machine is equipped with automatic loading and disloading unit. Therefore it works as unmanned and automatically makes possible for even large series in effective usage.
Prima Power e5x Compact is constructed in Finland and uses state of the art technology. By fully servofunctional it accelerates processes and saves energy!

Largest plate size is 1250x2500mm and thickness into 3mm. Plates under size of 500x500mm can be dropped from the hatch directly onto loading unit and therefore it doesn't have to be separately distached from each others.

Also new Coast One small bending machine has been into usage by the side of bigger Amada. With this investment we increase the bending capacity to answer for the need of our new Prima Power e5x Compact capacity. With Coast One unit we bend especially highly complicated small objects width under 900mm. Coast One is fast and accurate due servo technics. Also this machinery is made in Finland and represents high quality.

Click and view presentation videos of our new machinery:
- Prima Power plate workcenter (.youtube)
- Coast One bending machince (.youtube)

01.08.2010 - New Amada HFT 80-25 edging unit
We added plate production capacity and accuracy by introducing a brand new Amada HFT 80-25 edging unit which maximum edging width is 2500mm. The machine is ideal for precise and complex sheet-metal edging works. This device is accomppanied by versatile Wiedeman plate workcenter. Older Promecam 2500mm stays their side to uplift the production capacity.

15.05.2010 - MacSoft wire machine arrived at premises
We've increased the versatility of wire products and capabilities to a new level by acquiring another machine alongside the old unit. With MacSoft wire machine we can persuade 3D-products up to wire to 12mm diameter. In addition sweeping can be done automatically to the both ends of the wire.
Click here to see the video of machinery in work!

23.08.2010 - Drawing software updated to modern level
New Solidworks 3D design and modeling software helps us in our product development and enables us to serve our clients more comprehensively. Our idea is to implement a customer skits to photo-realistic modelings which can be adjust details before the actual proto -product implemetation. This is how we are spared for creating several proto -products and potential problems can be noticed from the screen.

06.05.2010 - A robot for MAG-welding
We've acquired a MAG-welding robot which increases welding capacity, efficiency and accuracy in large series. New robot allows a maximum width of 2500mm for products. Click here to see video of our MAG-welding robot in use!

18.11.2008 - Pekka Kärki nominated for production manager
We've nominated Pekka Kärki as a production manager. His contact info can be found from here.

1.7.2008 - Jaakko Hannula Oy expands
Procuction workshop expansion increases our production capacity and enables new services.
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